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Get Organized Mission #5: Become a Smart Verbal Communicator

Welcome to Mission #5 of our 52 Get Organized Missions. If you’ve completed the previous mission Get Organized Mission #4: Forgo The Freebies then give yourself a pat on the back! This week’s task will help you save time and increase productivity every single day – simply by being smarter and more proactive in your routine […]

Getting Organized for a Better Memory: Use Smart Reminders

If you want to remember something, how do you remind yourself? By telling yourself ‘I better not forget…’? Yelling ‘Hey [person you’re with], remind me to…’? A note in a diary? A post-it on your screen? These reminders ignore how your mind works. You don’t check your reminder repository before everything you do, so things […]

Get Organized for Better Quality Rest/Recreation: Have a TV Viewing Policy

I’m a huge TV fan – HUGE. As an introvert, screenwriting aficionado and general geek I can happily while away entire decades chuckling with Chandler and Joey, navigating world crises with Jed, whacking upstarts with Tony, staking vamps with Willow and Xander, and making huge mistakes with Gob. I never turn off these shows thinking […]

Get Organized for Better Productivity: Design a Productivity Ritual

For most of us the workday consists of 2 activity types:  ‘Out There‘ and ‘In Here‘. Out There are meetings, emails, conversations – interactions with others to communicate, advance projects and solve problems. In Here are little buds of creation, thinking and expression – conflations of knowledge, talent, idea and experience that often produce the […]

Time Management: Be Organized to Waste Less Waiting Time

Waiting rooms at the surgeries of doctors and dentists are not places you want to spend time. There’s the array of 2-year-old magazines bearing disturbing stains, the dude scratching himself beside you, from whom you’re convinced you’ve just contracted Ebola, and the rush to be on time only to still be sitting there, 45 minutes […]

Time Management: Organize More Efficient Travel Time

There are 2 steps to this tip: How can I minimize my travel time? How can I make better use of unavoidable travel or commuting time? Spend less time commuting If you can, negotiate to work from home one or two days a week. Voila – instant time saved! Reduce travel time by avoiding peak […]