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7 Days To Better Productivity & Time Management

BRAND NEW: 7 Days To Better Productivity & Time Management

    If you: Waste time Procrastinate Get to the end of the day and feel you haven’t accomplished much Fail to make progress on important goals and projects Feel stressed and overwhelmed Struggle to stay focused Need to be a self-starter because you work from home or run your own business Want a greater sense of […]

Break Free Of Procrastination

How To Never Procrastinate Again

Yep I’m serious. There’s a way to stop ‘procrastinating’. How? Well, I’m going to suggest there’s no such thing as procrastination. I mean yes, there’s a word and a set of associations that go with it. But I’m suggesting that by treating it as a meaningful phenomenon like it’s some deep-seated childhood trauma or pervasive psycho-sexual dysfunction, […]

7 Surprising Things From The Simplify Your Life Challenge

More than 1200 people are signed up and completing the 21-Day Simplify Your Life Challenge. It’s exciting to read the comments and see the pictures as people make small changes that can have a big impact on their lives.  Here are some of the discoveries so far that people have found surprising: Knowing where to […]

Happiness prescription

10 Things To Do Every Day: A Prescription For Happiness And Personal Organization

Sometimes life’s little tantrums make it hard to keep your cool. You get sick, you face one problem after another, your goals stall, your relationships struggle… You can start to feel disorganized, frustrated, in a rut… So what can you do to keep yourself afloat? I suggest a daily checklist that will help you feel as though you’re hanging in there and doing okay. Keep the checklist simple and achievable. It shouldn’t add to […]

Get Organized Wizard Premium Subscription

How To Get Organized With The Premium Subscription

Update JUST ADDED: 7 Days To A Dramatically Decluttered Home RECENTLY ADDED: 7 Days To Better Productivity & Time Management RECENTLY ADDED: 21-Day Simplify Your Life Challenge RECENTLY ADDED: 7 Days to An Organized Home Office CURRENT INCLUDED PRODUCTS/PROGRAMS VALUE: $640 As we approach the start of a new year I’m getting lots of questions about the […]

2013 Your Most Productive And Organized Year Ever

2013: Your Most Productive And Organized Year Ever

Want to be more productive and organized in 2013? My two popular diaries are fantastic tools for you to get more done, get rid of clutter, and feel more organized. They’re both instantly downloadable and fully interactive. SPECIAL OFFER – GET 83% OFF! You can get my popular Goals & Priorities 2013 Diary and Organize-In-5 2013 Diary, both brand new for […]

Digital or Paper Planner DIary

Paper Planner Or Digital Diary? How To Choose.

People ask such great questions on my Facebook page. Here’s an extract from a recent one from Jennifer: I do a lot of long term planning and while the paper planner works just fine there are also advantages to using a digital planner such as outlook or calendar (for mac). Right now I get frustrated as I […]

Productivity And OS X Mountain Lion

Productivity and OS X Mountain Lion

How do you manage your daily to-do list? How do you organize your ideas and notes? Diary? Notebook? App? Software? Other? Over the past week I’ve been getting frisky with Apple’s OS X Mountain Lion. And I’ve discovered some cool productivity tools. My favorite features so far (there are plenty more here, here, and here) include: […]

3 Ways To Read More

A few years ago the Washington Post reported that one in four adults read no books at all the previous year. Does that surprise you? Do you like to read? Do you wish you had more time for reading? I love to read and always have several books I’m in the middle of. Fiction, biographies, memoirs, science, […]

A Little Strategy To Help You Remember Stuff

If you’re time-poor and challenge-rich (and who isn’t these days?), then you probably struggle with all the things you have to do, remember, take somewhere, return, pick up, and so on. It’s oh-so-easy to forget things, mutter obscenities under your breath and feel overwhelmed. Here’s a neat little strategy that can help you remember the […]

How To Stop Procrastinating? Sit Down To Write

At the moment I’m re-reading The War of Art by Steven Pressfield. It’s a wonderful book on overcoming resistance and doing meaningful stuff. Early in the book Pressfield says There’s a secret that real writers know that wannabe writers don’t, and the secret is this: It’s not the writing part that’s hard. What’s hard is […]

The Best Android Apps For Getting Organized And Being More Productive

The Best Android Apps For Getting Organized And Being More Productive

  After my post on The Best iPhone Apps For Getting Organized And Being More Productive a bunch of you asked for a post for Android users. So I asked the cool people on my Facebook page, Facebook profile, Twitter and Linked In to nominate their favorite Android app for personal organization and/or productivity. Here are […]

iPhone apps for productivity and personal organization

The Best iPhone Apps For Getting Organized And Being More Productive

  I’ve recently discovered Clear for iPhone as a super-simple task manager, and I love it. There are neither bells to ring nor whistles to blow, but for an over-complicating over-thinker like me – it’s perfect! Which got me wondering what other people are using on their phones to help them get stuff done and […]

Would You Answer The Door In That?

What do you wear when you’re at home? Whether you’re working, doing chores, or chilling out, the clothes you wear can affect your mood, motivation and even feelings of self-respect. If you find yourself struggling with procrastination, low productivity or lack of motivation, your at-home wardrobe could be to blame. Do you pull on any […]

Get Organized, Get Happy This Year!

Ready to make the new year happy, organized and clutter-free? Here are some strategies to start the year off well. 3 Powerful Strategies For A Fabulous New Year Although the start of a new year is a fairly arbitrary thing, it offers a priceless psychological gift – motivation! Don’t waste this gift! Take advantage of […]

Stop Procrastinating

Power Procrastination Busters (Part 1)

Procrastination is one of those perennial problems. It seems everyone suffers from it at least some of the time, and there’s no one solution that always works. But there are a few solutions that are pretty reliable at breaking you out of the procrastination rut. In fact, I think these are about the best procrastination […]

[Productivity Strategies] Eat That Frog; Do The Worst First

People in my Facebook Community will know I’m a big fan of Brian Tracy’s Eat That Frog. How To ‘Eat That Frog’ For Greater Productivity Eat That Frog is a time-management idea that encourages you to: Identify the most important task you could be doing each day (your frog) Do this task first, before you […]

Working Offline

[Productivity Strategy] Improve Your Focus By Going Offline

Are you always looking for time-management tricks as a way to get more done each day? You can also increase your productivity by improving your focus, so that you get more done and more effectively, with whatever time you have available. One way to become more focused as you work is to pull up the […]

Magic Tips To Overcome Overwhelm

Overcome Overwhelm: The Magic To-Do List

If you find yourself feeling overwhelmed and stressed as you go about your work each day, there’s a good chance you’re aiming for a perfect state, a goal of ‘having everything done’. This is a mythical state that can never exist in real life. Unless you’re a hermit who has eschewed modern life, the reality […]