For anyone on the fence about doing this program, I encourage you to go for it. I did it with Michele a couple of years ago and found it wonderful. I lost 6 pounds during the 30 day program, and another 4 pounds after that. Although exercise is a regular part of my life, I’m […]

Kim Scofield

This last challenge is an amazing finish to the 21 days… The opening lines of today’s challenge were so amazing that I have pasted them at the top of my Evernote page and I am going to post them beside my DSSN index cards (which I distribute throughout the house, in random places, so I can’t […]

Julieanne Winters

A Perfect Closet! Thank you SO much for holding my virtual hand every step of the way! And now a perfect wish list! I really do not need many additions because subtracting the clutter helped me discover the fundamentals that I will now respect and treasure. And, now these essentials in my closet are visible […]

Vesna Kraus

A perfectly organised, visible and fun closet now! I bought a few missing pieces over the last few weeks and am simply enjoying this space so much. What a great place to be at! Thank you so much Michele!    

Pat Kriz

 I haven’t completed everything yet, but I am committed to putting everything away and have been for the last week or so. What a difference. I’d like to say ‘thank you’ to Michele and everyone who posted on here with their tips and suggestions. It all helped me.