Avoid Email Overload
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How To Avoid The Post-Vacation Inbox Blues

Imagine this.  You’ve just got back from a great vacation. You’re feeling relaxed and dreamy and blissed out.  You sit down at your computer, a happy but slightly dopey expression lingering on your face, when suddenly–DUN DUN DUN!!–you see 4,679 new messages in your inbox. If you relate to this, you might like to re-consider […]

Find your ideal clients
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Business & Career Articles

Here are some recent articles I’ve written for other business sites. They may be helpful for your business and career goals, so I thought I’d mention them here. 5 Social Media Activities You Should Be Doing Of all the things you can do on social networks, these are 5 of the most important: Listening Replying Speaking in your own […]

How to add a Twitter header
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How To Add A Header To Your Twitter Profile

Did you know you can now have a header image on your Twitter profile? It’s a bit like the cover photo on your Facebook profile. How To Add A Twitter Header Image Adding a Twitter header image is easy. Here’s how: From Twitter, click the settings icon Choose Edit Profile From the left-hand menu, click Design Go […]

Slay the inbox dragon
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How To Slay The Post-Holiday Inbox Dragon

Back from holidays and facing hundreds of emails? It’s overwhelming! Where do you even start? Resist the temptation to press [Ctrl-A] and [Delete]. Instead, use my strategies to slay the inbox dragon. You might even be able to hold on to some of that precious post-holiday serenity. But first, a quick backtrack. I’ve written previously […]

How I Organized My Computer Folders and Files With Organizing Tips
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How To Organize Your Email, Computer, and Technology: Part 5 – Folders & Filing

How good is your computer filing system? Can you find what you need quickly? Does it help you feel productive and motivated? I’ve now completed my computer-organizing project. What a challenging, but ultimately rewarding, project it has turned out to be! More about that in a later post. For now, let’s look at files and […]