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9 Mindsets To Help Improve Your Small Business Success

9 Mindsets To Help Improve Your Small Business Success

There are many skills and attributes needed to run a successful business. Most of these skills are learned, put into practice, strengthened and nourished through diligence and the willingness to grow. Also, having the right mindset as an entrepreneur will allow you to deal more effectively with your daily business because you will be thinking […]

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The Science Behind Making Good Habits Stick

Habit: routines of behavior that are repeated regularly and tend to occur subconsciously. Habits work when there is an initial trigger or cue. It can be a time of day, location, a belief or other patterns of behavior. This then triggers a routine and produces the desired effect. What a person repeatedly does ultimately results […]

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8 Car Hacks To Make Your Ride Clean And Tidy

There are two types of car people. Those who keep their car looking immaculate and those who use the vehicle as their means to an end: eating, drinking, and even sleeping in it if need be. If the second person sounds more like you then you’ll probably be familiar with seeing: seat stains, pieces of […]

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25 Time Wasting Activities You’re Doing Everyday

Time is universal and as humans, we adhere to time every day. Every person gets 86,400 seconds or 24 hours every day, and everyone is in charge of their time and what they do with those seconds. Whether you use them or waste them, there will always be results or consequences. Nobody controls your actions […]

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Tips To Managing Your Home Business Productivity – with FREE Printable To-Do Lists

Technology has helped humans for thousands of years, making everyday life easier and more productive. At present, most of us cannot do without technology. Work, relaxation, playtime, research and other things are easier because of technology. Whether you’re working remotely or manage a business from home, stress and clutter will always happen. Having these issues […]

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3 Tips To Help You Organize Your Bills

As functioning adults, one of our responsibilities is to organize our bills and pay them promptly. It might be house rent, car insurance, credit card bills, electricity and water, cable, internet and what seems like many, many others. To avoid the feeling of overwhelm we’re going to look at 3 easy ways to keep these […]

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Tips For Everyone: Get Better Organized!

A new year always begins with new vigour. Let’s start the year off on the right foot and start working toward a happier, more productive 2018. We’ve put together a list of blogs that have helped people to take action and get organized. Why wait – let’s get started! Organizing Tips For Busy Moms Summer […]

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You’re Not Doing Yourself A Favor If You Still Believe These Productivity Lies

Being productive at work is one key to company and career success. But despite the positive payoff, many employees, maybe even you, have issues maintaining high productivity levels every day which is mostly due to outside factors that no one can control. Everybody wants to increase their productivity and doesn’t want to waste time, effort […]

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10 Ways To Take Action & Get Organized This New Year

There’s always a spark of hope that comes with every new year. Resolutions are made, changes are welcomed and new ideas are formed. In the spirit of new beginnings and starting with a clean slate, below are some tips to help you take action and get organized this new year. 10 Ways To Take Action […]

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Why Are New Year’s Resolutions Impossible To Achieve?

On the first day of the year millions of people make their New Year’s resolutions. More often than not, after a few days or even a few weeks, these resolutions are broken and then totally ignored. Yet despite the repeated failures, we still keep trying. Studies claim that only 12% out of 156 million people […]

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7 Days To A Stress-Free and Wonderful Christmas

Things can get very stressful during the holidays, especially at Christmas. Emotions run high and tempers are flying. It can sometimes feel like things are spiraling out of control. Why do things go south during this time of the year? There are several reasons why things can get crazy during the holidays. There are lots […]

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How to Find The Perfect Gift This Christmas

Christmas is just around the corner and people are scrambling like bats in the middle of the night! Many of us are still confused or unsure about what perfect gift to get that special someone, not to mention all the family members! Whenever we pick a gift, we want to have the gift that they […]

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Get Organized For a Festive And Stress-Free Christmas

Tick tock, we’re on the Christmas countdown and it’s the best time to give a little thought to a few small things in preparation for the coming holidays. Everyone wants to make the holidays special and we can try to alleviate the stress by planning for the holidays. It’s a lot to think about with; financial strains […]