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Get Organized For Thanksgiving

Get Organized For A Happy Thanksgiving (With 2 Thank-You Gifts For You)

Thanksgiving is just around the corner, so it’s a great time for me to say a heartfelt thank you to my customers and readers. I really cherish you guys. And your intelligence and striking good looks are without parallel. Anyway, here are 2 little Thanksgiving-y resources from me, to help you to be: More organized […]


How To Get Your Groove Back (THEN You Can Get Organized)

Recently on my Facebook Page I was asked how to get organized when you’re feeling completely exhausted and unmotivated. I bet a lot of people wonder about that! So here’s an edited version of my reply. Step 1: Get Your Groove Back Forget about organizing for now, and focus instead on re-building your confidence and […]

How To Survive Your High School Reunion

Last week I went to my 25-year high-school reunion. How can that be? Most days I still feel about 12. Leading up to the reunion I chatted with my present-day friends, and was surprised that many of them dreaded the thought. Why? I got fat, said one. I wouldn’t know what to say to them, […]

5 Cool Things To Do This Summer

Although I’m rugged up in a faux-fur hoodie and ugg boots on this cold and rainy winter’s day in Sydney, my northern hemisphere friends are enjoying the start of summer. So I thought I’d pull together some of my posts on getting organized, having fun, and making the most of the holidays for you lucky, […]

Get Organized in 5 Minutes: Flick Negative Feelings

Here’s something you can do to get better organized – and it’ll take you just 5 minutes! Flick Negative Feelings   Take a look around your home and notice anything that has negative memories or unpleasant associations – such as photos, gifts, particular CDs or books, etc. Decide to release these things, and the negative […]


What To Do About Change You Don’t Want, And Can’t Control

  Lately I’ve been thinking about change. I’ve observed friends, and felt for myself, the difficulty of navigating through changes that we don’t want, but have no control over – whether it’s a job redundancy, end of a relationship, or some other kind of loss. I can often identify something like the five stages of […]


Declutter Your Thinking Habits [Mission #47]

Welcome to Mission #47 of our 52 Get Organized Missions. If you procrastinate constantly, sabotage yourself, get immobilized by perfectionism, or just feel miserable, then you might be the victim of your own ineffective thinking habits. In this mission we look at 10 negative thinking habits and use them to spring-clean your thoughts. Remember: you […]

3 Strategies For Having – And Being – More Fun

Do people tell you you’re no fun? Do you wish you could relax and enjoy yourself more? After working in large financial institutions for over a decade, I became very serious and forgot how to have fun. It was a career choice so diametrically opposed to my personality that an organizational psych once asked, ‘How […]


Get Organized To Reduce Stress [Mission #30]

Welcome to Mission #30 of our 52 Get Organized Missions. For some of us, being organized is an end in itself – a sense of order and freedom from clutter bring us pleasure and happiness. For the rest of us, being organized is a means to an end – a smarter path to the things […]

Your Happiness Depends On Your Thoughts

I love reading Marcus Aurelius, the Stoic philosopher and Roman Emperor (he was played by Richard Harris in Gladiator). His Meditations overflow with wise precepts. But these 12 words are my most favorite: The happiness of your life depends upon the quality of your thoughts. Like Buddha’s ‘With our thoughts we make the world’, they’re […]

Get Organized for the Holidays – With Free Christmas To-Do List

This can be a stressful time of year, no doubt about it. To help you to get things done, keep your cool, and have a good time, here are my top 3 happy-holiday tips. Getting Organized for Happier Holidays: My Top 3 Tips 1. Do less Doing less is your single best strategy for avoiding […]


Gratitude Journal Template: My ‘Happy’ Thanksgiving Gift For You

Happy Thanksgiving To All My American Friends And Readers! I’d like to offer you a little gift that seems just right for a day of giving thanks. It’s an interactive Gratitude Journal Template: a downloadable, single-page PDF for listing all the things you’re grateful for – or at least 40 of them. The cool thing […]

How To Feel Happier Now? Face It!

According to a recent Scientific American article, a number of studies suggest our feelings are strengthened, perhaps even stimulated, by the faces we make.

Don’t Frown, Be Happy

In one study, frown-impaired Botox injectees felt happier than people who were free to frown. And the botoxers didn’t feel any more attractive, in case you’re thinking that would account for their mood lift.

5 People Who Aren’t Responsible For Your Happiness

Who do you look to to make your life happy and fulfilling? Are they making the grade?
There are some people to whom you really shouldn’t delegate responsibility for your happiness. Don’t worry – there are only five.
1. Your spouse. You’ve committed yourself to your spouse for life. Doesn’t that entitle you to their undying efforts to keep you happy? Thankfully, no…

Get Organized Mission #7: Be Happy!

Welcome to Mission #7 of our 52 Organizing Missions. So far we’ve spent our 30-minute missions decluttering our homes, detoxing our handbags, briefcases and cars, sorting our bills and messages, and saying no to free stuff we simply don’t need. This week we deserve a reward! So this week’s mission is all about being happy. […]

11 Great Reasons To Be Happy

You may know I researched and wrote a thesis on happiness for the honors year of my psych degree. During that year I learned many fabulous, life-changing things about being happy – even for people who aren’t ‘born happy’ – and I’ll share these with you over time. One of the most wonderful things I […]

The sky is falling (I just hope it doesn’t land on my plasma TV)

We all know times are tough – at least compared to the recent past. Let’s be honest, though. For most of us computer-addicted, latte-sipping, iPhone-using Chicken-Littles, the impact of the falling firmament is not as dramatic as the lamenting and sighing and woe-is-me-ing would suggest. But how do we keep perspective when everyone around us […]

How to be Happier: A Scientifically Proven Strategy that Costs Nada

Thanksgiving Day is November 27 in the US. What a perfect prompt for a Get Organized Tip on one of the best strategies for happiness there is… gratitude. Gratitude makes you happier Psychologists have scientifically tested (yep, we’re talking unwitting participants, experiments, statistical analysis, peer-reviewed journals) whether appreciating good things leads to greater happiness. And […]


Personal Development: Getting Organized to Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

Expanding your comfort zone is one of those things you can’t help doing once you make the decision. The trick is to think ahead about the areas where you want to grow. Choose a growth area and you’ll start to notice opportunities – then you just need to give yourself a little encouragement to take […]