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Schedule For 2014

Introducing The 2014 Program Schedule Schedules are awesome, right? Who doesn’t love a good schedule? I sure do! So this year I’m experimenting with a set calendar of my programs, both existing and new. You still have the option of doing my programs whenever you want, completely at your own time and pace. But I think you’ll […]

Premium Subscription

Make 2014 Your Year With The Premium Subscription

How do you want 2014 to be for you? Do you want to be more organized? Less cluttered? More productive? Get slimmer? Happier? More focused? Want to simplify your life? Use your time better? Change your style? Achieve your goals? The Premium Subscription can help in every one of these areas. It can help to Make 2014 Your Year. […]

7 Days To Better Productivity & Time Management

BRAND NEW: 7 Days To Better Productivity & Time Management

  If you: Waste time Procrastinate Get to the end of the day and feel you haven’t accomplished much Fail to make progress on important goals and projects Feel stressed and overwhelmed Struggle to stay focused Need to be a self-starter because you work from home or run your own business Want a greater sense of control […]

7 Days To An Organized Home Office

7 Days To An Organized Home Office – BRAND NEW!!

What’s your biggest home office challenge? When I asked this question on Facebook I didn’t expect 200 replies from people frustrated with towering paper piles, ineffective filing systems, and unsatisfactory habits for dealing with all the clutter spoiling their home office spaces. So I’m super-excited to announce my brand-spanking-new program: 7 Days To An Organized Home […]

Get Organized Wizard Premium Subscription

How To Get Organized With The Premium Subscription

Update JUST ADDED: 7 Days To A Dramatically Decluttered Home RECENTLY ADDED: 7 Days To Better Productivity & Time Management RECENTLY ADDED: 21-Day Simplify Your Life Challenge RECENTLY ADDED: 7 Days to An Organized Home Office CURRENT INCLUDED PRODUCTS/PROGRAMS VALUE: $640 As we approach the start of a new year I’m getting lots of questions about the […]

Avoid Email Overload

How To Avoid The Post-Vacation Inbox Blues

Imagine this.  You’ve just got back from a great vacation. You’re feeling relaxed and dreamy and blissed out.  You sit down at your computer, a happy but slightly dopey expression lingering on your face, when suddenly–DUN DUN DUN!!–you see 4,679 new messages in your inbox. If you relate to this, you might like to re-consider […]

Find your ideal clients

Business & Career Articles

Here are some recent articles I’ve written for other business sites. They may be helpful for your business and career goals, so I thought I’d mention them here. 5 Social Media Activities You Should Be Doing Of all the things you can do on social networks, these are 5 of the most important: Listening Replying Speaking in your own […]

Digital or Paper Planner DIary

Paper Planner Or Digital Diary? How To Choose.

People ask such great questions on my Facebook page. Here’s an extract from a recent one from Jennifer: I do a lot of long term planning and while the paper planner works just fine there are also advantages to using a digital planner such as outlook or calendar (for mac). Right now I get frustrated as I […]

How to add a Twitter header

How To Add A Header To Your Twitter Profile

Did you know you can now have a header image on your Twitter profile? It’s a bit like the cover photo on your Facebook profile. How To Add A Twitter Header Image Adding a Twitter header image is easy. Here’s how: From Twitter, click the settings icon Choose Edit Profile From the left-hand menu, click Design Go […]

Slay Inbox Dragon

How To Slay The Post-Holiday Inbox Dragon

Back from holidays and facing hundreds of emails? It’s overwhelming! Where do you even start? Resist the temptation to press [Ctrl-A] and [Delete]. Instead, use my strategies to slay the inbox dragon. You might even be able to hold on to some of that precious post-holiday serenity. But first, a quick backtrack. I’ve written previously […]

Business seminars and study

Get More Out Of Business Seminars

When you attend a business seminar or college lecture, how productive is your time? Do you take copious notes – but never get around to taking action? It costs time and money to educate yourself – so it pays to get organized. Here are my top three tips for getting organized so you get great value. 1. Know Your Objectives To Focus Your Attention […]