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A Simple Checklist For Cleaning

It’s of no surprise that women tend to have a greater responsibility when it comes to domestic chores. Some of you may be lucky enough to have a husband (partner, significant other) or children to help with the load. And for those people I give you a heartfelt “yay for you!”. With my husband on […]


Help! I’m stuck in the vortex of procrastination!

Recently, a Get Organized Wizard subscriber requested our help. She was coping well with new challenges and tasks she was facing in her everyday life. But she had a deep, dark secret. A room full of clutter backlog she couldn’t face. Dunt, dunt, duuunt! Does that sounds familiar? Sometimes it’s a drawer that hides receipts, […]

Break Free Of Procrastination

How To Never Procrastinate Again

Yep I’m serious. There’s a way to stop ‘procrastinating’. How? Well, I’m going to suggest there’s no such thing as procrastination. I mean yes, there’s a word and a set of associations that go with it. But I’m suggesting that by treating it as a meaningful phenomenon like it’s some deep-seated childhood trauma or pervasive psycho-sexual dysfunction, […]

Start from wherever you are and with whatever you've got - Jim Rohn

The Secret To Achieving Goals And Keeping New Year’s Resolutions

Start from wherever you are and with whatever you’ve got.  ~ Jim Rohn If there’s one thing more powerful than any other for achieving your goals, it’s this: You must make a start. Knowledge is useless unless you do something with it. Talent is wasted unless you let it move you to action. Desire is frustration unless you […]

Turn Off Procrastination

Flick The Switch From Procrastination To Action

Do you beat yourself up for not being better organized? Tell yourself off for poor time management? Self-flagellate over household clutter? It’s time to step away from the whip. There’s a better way to motivate yourself to do the things you wish you did more of… Shoulds And Procrastination Few of us rush headlong toward […]

Get Stuff Done System

How To Stop Procrastinating? Sit Down To Write

At the moment I’m re-reading The War of Art by Steven Pressfield. It’s a wonderful book on overcoming resistance and doing meaningful stuff. Early in the book Pressfield says There’s a secret that real writers know that wannabe writers don’t, and the secret is this: It’s not the writing part that’s hard. What’s hard is […]

How to Use Procrastination to Get More Done

Even though this site is all about helping you move from procrastination to action, there are times when procrastination can be a smart move. We all have a drive to procrastinate – a resistance to getting down to the important things, a pressure toward more trivial tasks. The strength of that compulsion is an asset […]

Procrastination Flowchart

Bust Your Procrastination Demons [Mission #25]

  Welcome to Mission#25 of our 52 Get organized Missions. Procrastination is a pain. Not only does it stop you from getting things done, it also drains your energy and leaves you feeling bad about yourself. No doubt you’ve been super motivated by last week’s mission Get Organized Mission #24: Create A Chore Chart. So […]

Avoid using information as procrastination

Do You Use Information as Procrastination?

What are your goals? Do you spend lots of time reading or learning about weight loss, starting a business, or getting your finances sorted, but never make any progress? Information as Procrastination Could you be using information as a form of procrastination – a way to trick yourself into thinking you’re doing something productive? Some […]

Getting Organized Quick Tip: How To Short-Circuit Perfectionism and Procrastination

If you’re a (a) perfectionist and/or (b) procrastinator, here’s a quick tip for you. Getting Organized Quick Tip #1: Don’t over-engineer. Start with the simple version. Lower your target and you may well improve your aim.   This applies whether you’re organizing your closet, decluttering the living room, starting an exercise program or anything else. […]

Organizing Q & A: A Morsel a Day Keeps the Bingeing Away

Often I get reader questions that I think might apply to other readers, too. So I’m starting a little ‘column’ of organizing Q & A. If you have a question relating to a post, personal organization, decluttering, simplicity or goals, simply post your question on the blog. If it’s of broad interest I’ll do my […]