Home Office
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Does Your Home Office Look Like This?

I recently revamped my office space. I was tired of looking at the messy piles of paper and scattered items that didn’t belong in the room. It made me feel disorganized and unproductive. Having recently moved into a new home, there is no room in my budget to upgrade or purchase any additional furniture. My goal […]

Planning your next job role
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Get Organized For Job Success

Knowing yourself and your capabilities is important when you’re planning a job move. Do you think you’re on the path to success? If you’re feeling: stuck in a rut overlooked by the boss or eager to step out of your comfort zone then let’s plan your next move. Organizing your personal goals will help you take action to achieve […]

File Paperwork
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Filing The Paper Molehill Before It Becomes a Mountain

Paperwork. Ugh! If you don’t keep on top of filing your papers you’ll find yourself having to deal with hours of work. Whether you run your own home business or are responsible for the household filing, we’re going to look at folder organization and folder labelling.  Sounds boring, right? Trust me, clearing your workspace and decluttering those annoying paper piles will make […]

Moving House
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Steps To Success When Moving Home

Does the thought of moving house fill you with dread or excitement? It’s common to feel overwhelmed, anxious, nervous, or disorganized when facing such a change to the status quo. It’s also a time of change, happiness, fresh start, a chance to get and stay organized. Today we’ll focus on that and set ourselves up for success. […]