Organized Meal Planning
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Why Meal Planning Helps You Stay Organized

Do you hate the thought of preparing breakfast, lunch and dinner every day? For big families, this can be a daily dilemma that causes stress and unrest in the family environment. If you’re not into planning your menu, then you probably spend most of your time scrambling through the pantry or making quick trips to the grocery store.  There […]

Stop Procrastinating
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Productivity Tips For Procrastinators – Read This Now!

The Urban Dictionary describes productive procrastination as: n. Doing stuff to keep busy while avoiding what really needs doing. For example: you’ve tidied the kitchen, swept the floor and wiped down the bench tops. But you haven’t cleaned your cupboards out for months, perhaps years. If procrastination affects your organising and decluttering goals, then take a […]

Beat Overwhelm
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How To “Just Start” When Starting Overwhelms You!

Often the first piece of advice others like to give when you’re procrastinating about starting a declutter project is … Just Start! One you start, everything else will follow. For some, this may be all the encouragement you need to take action. “Just Start” or “Start Small” are the gems of the decluttering world; perfect for people who can […]

Focus On Clutter Hurdles
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Facing Your Biggest Decluttering Hurdle

Excuses, excuses! Do you like to hide behind those? What’s the biggest decluttering hurdle you face? For lots of people it’s the lack of time. Or perceived lack of time! For others, it’s the amount of clutter that needs to be sorted. Mostly though, we can probably all agree, it’s about lack of motivation. Let’s Break Down […]