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Distractions Working From Home

Top 3 Ways To Avoid Distractions When Working From Home – With FREE Weekly To-Do List Printable

On the face of it, working from home is bliss. You have freedom, flexible hours, relaxed dress codes, and unlimited access to the fridge! What’s not to love? To make working from home work well, structure is important. Structure for yourself and your environment. If you can achieve structure in the early days, you’ll be able to avoid the […]

Chore Routines

How To Split Chores Fairly In The Home With FREE Weekly Chores Roster Printable

Co-ordinating chores evenly amongst family members can be difficult. Leave complaints of “it’s not fair” and “why do I have to do that?” behind with our simple tips that get everyone involved. Tips To Split Chores Fairly Around The Home 1. Pre-Plan The Scenario Before Calling The Family Together It’s a good idea to get the […]

Organized Home

Simple Routines That Keep Your House Spotless

Eliminate the dread you feel each week when it comes cleaning time with these simple tips.   It all comes down to routines. They can be a daily, weekly, monthly or a seasonal routine. Set a routine that is easy to follow and that makes cleaning time faster. Start small. Choose to start with the daily dumping of laundry into […]

Laundry Room Organization

6 Tips For Laundry Done In Less Time, With Better Results

These tips are perfect for people who: have sole custody of the washing task and need a more systematic approach find doing laundry to be the most exhausting, mundane chore look away every time they see a laundry pile growing have cried in frustration from disastrous results (white clothes now pink?). We have laundry tips and hacks to step up […]

Simplify Life

How Simplifying Can Lead To Happiness

Do you think that happiness is elusive? We believe that living a simplified life can achieve happiness. Buddha’s ‘With our thoughts we make the world’, is a realistic reminder that we have the power of our minds over the matter of our lives. And it’s more than having a clean kitchen, organized desk and minimal house objects. The […]

Hobby Increases Productivity

Good Reasons To Start A New Hobby – With FREE ​Hobby Planner Download

If you could choose a new hobby, what would it be? Learn to sew or knit. Play an instrument. Join a church group. Start gardening. Coach a sporting team. Participate in a book club. Join a photography club. Volunteer your time to a charity. When you commit to a hobby you invariably find more time […]

Clutter Free Desk

Six Easy Ways To A Clutter-Free Desk

Do you have: a messy desk paper piles drawers overloaded with stationery items an uncanny ability to lose or forget about things a disorganized system (no system!) for staying organized? I’m sure you know that desk clutter can affect your performance and productivity. But that doesn’t stop you from piling pieces of paper near the computer or […]

stop procrastinating

Why We Procrastinate

A British study reveals that an average worker wastes 43 minutes a day postponing tasks which costs business £76 billion a year! A tenth of the country’s national debt! Procrastination can cost you emotionally, physically and financially (aside from the fact that it’s costing your employer too). Simply because the act of postponing a task is not […]

Coupon Clipping Organization

How to Organize Your Coupons

Who loves coupons? For those who are experts in organizing coupons, the feat can be done as easy as folding the laundry. However, if you are a newbie, the concept of coupon organizing can be confusing. You can be left wondering: How do I categorize the coupons? Should I group them by date of expiry, type of […]

Organizing gift wrapping

6 Ways To Organize Your Gift-Wrapping

The season of gift-wrapping and never-ending presents is upon us! Can you handle the fuss and the last minute rush to buy and wrap gifts? Being organized will help you survive and avoid stress. Try some of our organizing tricks that will keep you sane and happy. 6 Ways To Set Up A Gift-Wrap Center 1. Cupboard […]

School Day Organization

How To Get Organized For a Happy School Day

In Australia, our school year is coming to an end. Six glorious weeks of school holidays lay ahead. No strict routines. No school lunches. No homework. I’m just as excited as the kids! Our readers in the US & UK are about to head into the Christmas/holiday break, after having a few weeks into the new school […]

Storing Christmas Decorations

Ways To Organize Your Christmas Decorations

With Thanksgiving officially over for another year now we can start decorating for Christmas!  We’re going to give you some tips that will help you keep decorations tidy and organized so that it’s never a headache for you! If you find your decorations are a mess, as you start to unpack them start to think about how […]

Stop Procrastinating

Productivity Tips For Procrastinators – Read This Now!

The Urban Dictionary describes productive procrastination as: n. Doing stuff to keep busy while avoiding what really needs doing. For example: you’ve tidied the kitchen, swept the floor and wiped down the bench tops. But you haven’t cleaned your cupboards out for months, perhaps years. If procrastination affects your organising and decluttering goals, then take a […]

Beat Overwhelm

How To “Just Start” When Starting Overwhelms You!

Often the first piece of advice others like to give when you’re procrastinating about starting a declutter project is … Just Start! One you start, everything else will follow. For some, this may be all the encouragement you need to take action. “Just Start” or “Start Small” are the gems of the decluttering world; perfect for people who can […]

Focus On Clutter Hurdles

Facing Your Biggest Decluttering Hurdle

Excuses, excuses! Do you like to hide behind those? What’s the biggest decluttering hurdle you face? For lots of people it’s the lack of time. Or perceived lack of time! For others, it’s the amount of clutter that needs to be sorted. Mostly though, we can probably all agree, it’s about lack of motivation. Let’s Break Down […]

organize clutter

6 Steps In Dealing With Inherited Clutter

Decluttering can cause a lot of stress. This stress is magnified when it’s inherited clutter. Pressure can mount when you are faced with the decluttering task of things that are not yours or are left to your care. Why? Because simply, this isn’t your mess! Yet you have to clean it up! It’s an emotional and sometimes […]

Kids Productivity

Are You A Help Or A Hinderance To Your Child’s Productivity?

Teaching children how to be productive and how to use their time well can be hard when we struggle with it ourselves. We want them to be better at it than us. But this means leading by example, and sometimes that is really difficult! Even if your children are at a young age, you can start helping them […]

productivity Time Management

Stop Chasing Your Tail, Day After Day!

How many of you get to the end of the day having not achieved what you set out to do? Continually. For three years. If your daily plan never seems to work out for you & your productivity level is in a slump, then this is poor time management. By you! Yes, you! Ouch. <Reality Check> Take a minute […]

Desktop Filing

Tips For Creating A Clutter-Free Desktop

Those who are guilty of desktop clutter, raise your hands! Just like your home, your personal computer and your laptop need some good housekeeping and decluttering strategies. A cluttered desktop usually results in: • Sluggish response • Slowed computer performance • The feeling of disarray • Increased stress while you search for something in all that clutter. Your […]

Apps For Organization

Latest Apps to Help You Stay Organized

It’s been some time since we last spoke about apps that help us with productivity and organization. In 2012, Michele wrote about The Best iPhone Apps For Getting Organized And Being More Productive and followed up with The Best Android Apps For Getting Organized And Being More Productive. Today we are going to look at a […]