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Stay Organized

Let’s Get Organized: Monthly Roundup With FREE To-Do Lists

March was a great month for organization tips. Here’s a collection of articles from our fellow organizing friends. Who else finds peace and inspiration from scrolling through organizing websites? To help you stay more organized, we’ve rounded up recent helpful blog posts from our favorite sites. Here’s the latest go-to for tackling all of your organizing dilemmas. This month […]

Organize Technology

How To Organize Your Tech Gadgets

In the era of connectivity, we own and use several gadgets at once. Smart phones, laptops, personal computers, iPads and tablets have become part of our everyday life. These gadgets store a huge range of apps and software which often means we need to manage digital clutter too. If your device is cluttered with apps or your […]

Time Wasting Productivity

When Is A Waste of Time, A Good Waste Of Time?

Waste: use or expend carelessly, extravagantly, or to no purpose. When is a waste of time, a good waste of time? Almost sounds like a joke, right! Wasting time is often viewed as not being productive or spending time on activities that do not provide any value. It can also be akin to doing trivial activities instead […]

Productivity Home Business

10 Productivity Tips If You Work From Home

Successful people who work from home have one thing in common. And this one thing, is obvious but hard to maintain. If you haven’t already guessed, they’re successful because they have a routine. They adhere to it. They make things happen. Let’s look at some of the main ways to establish routines so you can […]

Organized Christmas

Only 6 Weeks Until Christmas. Get Organized Now – With Our FREE Christmas Planners!

The year’s busiest season is right upon us with only six weeks until Christmas and holiday time. It’s a season some people love. For others, the anxiety and rush of last minute to-do’s is all too overwhelming. You can envision it all now … the shopping mania, gifts waiting to be wrapped, holiday preparations and chores […]

Other people's clutter

Dealing With Other People’s Clutter

It’s not easy to deal with personal clutter. The task is even more troublesome when the clutter that needs to be organized is not yours. Today we’re talking about other people’s clutter in the family home. That is, other family member’s clutter than can drive you a little bonkers! Here are some tips to help you cope. […]

Simplify Your Life

Help Me Simplify My Life!

  Help Me Simplify My Life! We hear this a lot from members who are feeling overwhelmed and stressed with their daily lives. We find the underlying problems are varied, but along the themes of: Having too much clutter and feel closed in Poor time management skills that make you feel like you’ve accomplished little by […]

Latest Apps Organized

Six Apps to Help You Stay Organized

With old-time tried and tested organizing apps continuing to dominate the app stores, there are newer apps emerging that deserve a mention. Some of these ones may have even been around a bit since we last gave you our faves, but some recently made it to the top of the list for organizing junkies. So […]

Study School Organized

6 Tips To Stay Sane and Organized When Studying – With Free Activity Planner

Even the most studious students have lazy moments. Today we’re going to talk about how to keep the fire burning, stay sane and organized when studying. 6 Tips To Stay Sane and Organized When Studying 1. Use Scheduling and A Calendar Scheduling is your best friend when studying. List down the things or subjects that you need […]

Simplify life happiness

4 Steps That Change Your Life From Chaos to Happiness

Here’s a reality check: you make your own happiness. If you chase happiness but can’t manage to find it, or keep it, then stop. Refocus those efforts and be more productive. It’s true that happiness starts within. So let’s begin with some simple strategies you can start implementing RIGHT NOW! Steps To Move From Chaos To Happiness 1. Value […]

Kitchen Routines

5 Simple Kitchen Routines That Keep You Organized – With Free Weekly Schedule

Aah, the kitchen! For some, it’s the most important part of the house. A family hub. Food is prep’d. Conversations take place. Homework is done. Work is completed. Meal time is precious. Given the range of activities the kitchen undertakes, it is one place where cleanliness and organization can make a big difference. We’re sharing some tips to help keep your […]

Closet Declutter Season Shopping

5 Tips When Shopping for A New Seasonal Wardrobe – With FREE ‘What To Donate’ Printable

The changing seasons dictate our wardrobe style & needs. Flowy, light clothing with less material in summer and bulky, thick warmer sweaters or jumpers in winter. During this transition of seasons though comes the task of cleaning, decluttering and organizing your home and your closet. The big closet dilemma is usually deciding which clothes you want to […]

Time Management

How To Prioritise AND Do More of What YOU Want – With FREE SMART Goals Template

Some things require our compulsory attention, like work. It’s often during work time that we dream about what we’d like to do in our leisure time.  Maybe it’s doing finer things in life,  participating more in a sporting activity, or thinking of ways to relax and unwind. If you manage your time and life well, you can squeeze other fun […]

Productive Traits

How To Tap Into The Mindset of Productive People – Plus FREE Weekly Schedule Printable

Do you ever feel like some of your colleagues and peers accomplish more than you do? The work may be the same (or similar) but you don’t seem to be able to produce the same output as fellow workers. Studies show your productivity measure can have a lot to do with your mindset. Let’s take […]

time management tips

7 Time Management Tips For Busy Working Moms – Plus FREE Bills To Pay Printable

When you’re flat out trying to run a household, get little people off to school and then start your own work day, you’ve just got to be organized. Some days every minute counts and we’re always on the lookout for that time-saving trick or tip that can add a few precious minutes to a busy […]

Be Productive At Work

10 Effortless Ways To Stay Productive At Work – FREE Master Goal List Printable

How do you increase productivity when you need it the most? When other productivity tricks don’t work, what other tips do you go back to? Here are our 10 effortless ways to stay productive at work. Say goodbye to slacking! 10 Effortless Ways To Stay Productive At Work 1. Add Live Plants Green potted plants […]

Adjusting News Feed Preferences

How To Manage Your Facebook Newsfeed

If you’re like me, you randomly “like” pages as you see them appear on your Facebook timeline. Oh, what a cute cat! <Like Page> The life quote is soooo me. <Like Page> Oh, this looks interesting, Jenny likes this page, I’ll like them too. <Like Page> Sometimes, however, I discover this “like” comes at a cost. […]

Time Management

Are You Really Time-Poor Or Just Think You Are?

Busyness seems to be catching. How often do we hear these phrases in general conversation:     I’m so busy.    I’m too busy.    How do you find the time?    I don’t have time to do that … Many people swear that they are time poor. However there’s fine line between the idea of […]

Organized Home Office

3 Ways To Organize Your Home Office – with FREE Printable

Do you want to be the best office manager you’ve ever had? Home office managers wear many caps. If you are working from home or have set up you own company based at home then you have no choice – office organization starts and ends with you. You become the manager, the secretary, the messenger, the IT department […]