Hoarding: 7 Lies That Keep You Caught In Clutter

Are You Lying To Yourself About Hoarding?

Hoarders on Oprah

Oprah has yet another show about hoarders this week. It got me thinking about the lies we tell ourselves to avoid letting go of the stuff that fills up our homes and lives.

Of course extreme hoarding can be associated with psychiatric disorders. More commonly, though, we justify mounting mounds of matter with the little lies we tell ourselves.

Here are 7 of the most common self-delusions I hear, along with a decent dose of reality.

Organize Your Audio For Learning & Pleasure [With Free iPod Worksheet]

Organize Your Audio

Your iPod, CD player or car stereo is a veritable vault of education, motivation, fun, and relaxation.

All it takes is a little organization to liberate the goodies. You’ll upgrade your knowledge, make better use of your time and improve your mood.

Here’s how…
Organize Your Music

They say that music is food for the soul. Well, how about a little lyrical nourishment?

Decide on the kind of music you want to listen to. Choices could include:

Introducing the 52 Organizing Missions ‘Hall of Fame’ Gallery [With Prize]

52 Organizing Missions Logp

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Create Your ‘Organized Life Bedtime Routine’ [Mission #20]

Want an organized day - have a bedtime routine

One of the best things you can do to feel organized throughout your day is to prepare well the night before. So in this mission we’ll create your personal Organized Life Bedtime Routine.

You’ll absolutely love the difference completing this mission will make to your daily stress management, time management, and home organization.

Remember: you only need 30 minutes for the basic mission. Extended Options are below.

What Do Your Tools Say About Your Goal Commitment?

To support your goals, use the right tools

This week in The Age, Valerie Khoo discusses what your business tools reveal about your commitment:

The tools you use are an indication of how serious you are about your business. Do you have a dedicated website or are your using a free blogging platform like Blogger… Does your email address feature your own domain name or that of your internet service provider.

Valerie’s test of commitment can apply to many life areas:

Declutter Your Life – Get More Energy

Declutter your life and you

‘Decluttering is a way to identify what’s obsolete in your life,’ says Julie Morgenstern in the Woman’s Day article 12 Reasons to Unclutter Your Space. ‘Getting rid of stuff creates a sense of energy, giving you room to think, which frees you to do more with your life.’ Julie’s so right. People constantly tell me […]

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Make Quick Decisions to Keep Paper Piles Under Control

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Organize Your Office [Mission #19]

Organize Your Office in 30 Minutes

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Make a decision and get organized!

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Personal Organization Web Watch | Technology & Social Media Resources | September 09

Personal Organization WebWatch

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Simplify Your Life Quick Fix: Limit Your Hangers

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