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change your mindset

Make Way For Change!

A funny episode of How I  Met Your Mother saw one of the characters, Barney, refusing to allow any of his belongings to be thrown out when his new girlfriend, Quinn, moves in with him. Yet Quinn throws away most of her things so that they didn’t have doubles of everything. Barney was challenged by […]

Relaxing Stress Free

5 Tips For Avoiding Housework

We talk a lot about ways to simplify your life, stay organized, keep overwhelm at bay and in general, make your life as enjoyable as possible with minimal stress. A recent Facebook post however got me thinking about all the little things we do to avoid housework. Or make it look like we’re doing something, […]

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

It’s Not The Definition Of Insanity But It’s Still Pretty Crazy

The Definition Of Insanity – Not So Much The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. This quote must be true because it was said by someone super-smart. Einstein, right? Benjamin Franklin? Um, Mark Twain? No, no, and nuh-uh. Oh okay. Then doing the same thing over and over again and expecting […]

7 Simple Ways To Feel More Confident

7 Simple Ways To Feel More Confident

Feeling confident helps us to do more, be more, and give more to others.  The following 7 simple strategies can help you to feel better about yourself – and that can help make you more productive, motivated, and effective. So why not pick at least one strategy that you can use today… 1. Dress Your Best Sure your appearance can affect how others perceive you, but what […]

Happiness prescription

10 Things To Do Every Day: A Prescription For Happiness And Personal Organization

Sometimes life’s little tantrums make it hard to keep your cool. You get sick, you face one problem after another, your goals stall, your relationships struggle… You can start to feel disorganized, frustrated, in a rut… So what can you do to keep yourself afloat? I suggest a daily checklist that will help you feel as though you’re hanging in there and doing okay. Keep the checklist simple and achievable. It shouldn’t add to […]

7 Ways To Spring Clean Your Self

7 Ways To Spring Clean Your Mind

With a change of season upon us, now’s a great time for a spot of spring cleaning. But instead of focussing on the external environment, let’s start with ourselves. By tidying up mental habits and self-talk on the inside, we can make life a lot more happy and ordered on the outside too. Here are 7 simple but powerful ways to spring clean your mind. 1. […]

How To Be Happier

There’s Only One Way To Be Happier – And This Is It

The Um, Joy of Happiness Did you know that happiness is associated with all kinds of cool benefits? They include: Physical & mental health Coping skills Resilience Work satisfaction Good relationships – with colleagues, friends, and loved ones Long life Immune system strength Liking yourself Altruism Liking others Effective conflict management. That means happiness isn’t […]